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Your never know where a path will lead. You think you're doing one thing but it turns out you're doing something else.

I needed a fly spray. It was the summer of 2004 and the flies were bugging my horse. I was looking for something natural that wasn't going to poison him. And for my peace of mind it had to be made by a company that never tested their products on animals.

That's a tall order now-a-days. When PETA said, "These are the companies you don't want to support for what they do to animals," I took it to heart. With my list in hand I went to the stores and checked the fly sprays. They all tested on animals.

Then a friend told me about a product called Basic-H that I could mix with water to make a little go a long way. And that this company had 95 fulltime scientists testing in Petri dishes instead of on animals trapped in tight cages. I bought some. And it worked.

If their Basic-H kept the flies off my horse I thought then maybe some of their other products could get me off those prescription drugs I was taking for my anxiety, depression, insomnia, low energy and little zest for living. This company had been in business since I was 10 years old! And its business was making safe products for people to naturally improve their health. So I tried a few.

The first supplement I took were the vitamins. It's called Vitalizer now. And before I knew it I was no longer taking ANY of those prescription drugs. I started taking Vivix, and the Cinch Energizing Protein, and I found I'd dropped ten pounds off my body without even trying. I felt better than I could remember feeling since before my teen years. It's been a wonderful ride to good health.

I am now in my 68th year and life is full of fun. Thanks to Shaklee, I am filled with the energy and the attitude to thoroughly enjoy everything I do. I am busier than I have ever been and I am loving it! Now every time I look through my kitchen window and see "Nebezni" trotting around out back, I thank him for leading me here.

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