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Do you ever hear those "miracle stories" and find yourself saying, "Yeah, right"?

I know I did.

I had tried everything- and nothing seemed to work. My doctor said, "Except for your allergies, you're healthy"!

My doctor's idea of healthy for me:
- Exhausted. Poor sleep from fighting allergic reactions drained my energy
- Depressed
- Joint pain
- Severe PMS, mood swings, and irritation
- Asthma
- Chronic eczema
- Dark eyes and pale skin
- Constantly sick. I caught every virus and bug that came along

My doctor’s definition of health meant that I didn't have a terminal disease. My allergies were life defining, but not life threatening. My children were sick all the time, because of their allergies. Back then, we thought that was normal.

When my Shaklee lady, Pat, said that Shaklee products might help me, "Yeah, right" was the nicest thing I said. I almost kicked her out of my house! She had no medical degree, what could she know? I had been on steroids, trial drugs, assorted prescription allergy creams, and every decongestant on the market - prescription and otherwise. I was more than skeptical. These vitamins were going to help when powerful drugs failed?


Pat persisted with me over time, sharing powerful #ShakleeEffect stories. I wanted what they had, but I didn't believe that the products would work for me , since nothing ever did before. Funny thing, I figured that they would work for other people because of the Shaklee science and integrity. So I decided to start a Shaklee business. Of course that meant Shaklee-izing my home - changing brands to Shaklee and using only the Shaklee supplements.

Within 6 weeks of starting my business, and using the products faithfully, 90% of my allergy symptoms were gone. I was able to stop all of the creams, and sprays, and pills that I had been on since I was 8 years old. My eczema disappeared and has never come back. My allergist didn't believe that I no longer had allergy attacks or asthma, so I fired him. It's been almost 20 years, and except for occasional sinus trouble, I am still medication free. I am in my mid-50s and I don't have crows feet or hot flashes! I like it!

Please don’t tolerate ill health or feeling less than you could. You can have the best health of your life starting today. Call me!

Karen M. Hurd
WomanWize Team
P.S. When you call, ask me what the ruby slippers mean.

757-301-1855 (Cell)
Facebook: WomanWizeHealth

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