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Our Shaklee Story Started Over 20 Years Ago!

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I (Bonnie) was introduced to Shaklee when I was in High School by my best friend. I had struggled for years with oily skin, acne breakouts, regular PMS, and frequent colds/sore throats. I thought all these things were normal. However, after switching to some basic nutritional products and Shaklee’s amazing skin care line, all these symptoms and MORE went away. I could not believe how much BETTER I felt!

My husband, Brian, eventually tried some foundational products and realized that he, too, was feeling more energy and less illness. Shaklee continued to be a key part of our daily regimen, powering us through three healthy pregnancies, three international moves, and nine years of living overseas.

All three of our kids have been raised on Shaklee nutrition, and they all experience amazing health. Can you believe they each have NEVER had a single tummy bug??! Crazy, I know. But wonderfully true. You can hear more about this story here. https://youtu.be/fpK3JESHXMI

Shaklee has fueled not only our healthy lifestyle, but also has become part of our plan for financial health and wealth. We are so thankful for the gift of Shaklee that keeps us young and helps our future dreams to become a reality. Follow us on Facebook to learn more about what we are doing! https://www.facebook.com/hersheyholistichealth

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