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Dr. Margaret Christensen, interviewed by Barb, does a marvellous job in laying out the four major health challenges she sees facing women, and offering solutions, including the Shaklee products she uses in her highly successful women's health clinic in Dallas. Nedra Sahr, M.S., C.N.S., along with dynamic leader Vivian Priest, do an excellent job explaining the value of Shaklee Cinch, including a remarkable testimonial from Vivian, who in her 60s has, because of her Cinch experience, been able to stop the multiple daily insulin injections she started in her 20s. Master Coordinator Suzanne Chaney, who holds a master's degree in biochemistry, explains bone health, including her own, dramatic, bone redensification story. And finally, Nancy Engle tells us about her nine year battle with severe monthly hormonal issues that completely cleared up when she started Vitalizer.


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